Comprehensive TMS (Transcranial Magnetic Stimulations) Clinic Solutions

The TMS Clinic Digital Solutions Helping You Double Your New Patients

Stop losing potential patients to the competition and make your website work for you

You are spending too much money on marketing, 

Your staff is too busy,

and you are not getting enough qualified patients for your TMS Treatments. 

But without practical solutions, you will continue to waste time, money, and potential revenue. 

What solutions you get with

NeuroNet Creative

AI-Based Chat

24/7 Availability. Instant Response. Screening & Qualification. Appointment Scheduling. Lead Nurturing

Automated Appointment Booking with PHQ-10 Questionnaire 

Missed-Call Text Back

Automated Appointment Reminders

Electronic Intake & Consent Forms

Automated Facebook Ad Campaign

Automated Reputation Management

Automated Authorization Request

And much more…

With NeuroNet Creative, You’ll…

Enhance Marketing and Reputation

  1. Boost your TMS practice’s reputation with Prospero’s review-generation feature
  2. Maximize your digital marketing efforts with Prospero’s easy-to-use Facebook Ads tool
  3. Use Prospero’s analytics to measure and improve the effectiveness of your marketing efforts

Streamline Patient Engagement

  1. Simplify your patients’ engagement process with Prospero’s AI chat widget
  2. Enhance patient experience with automated 24/7 support and appointment reminders
  3. Streamline digital paperwork with paperless forms

Optimize Practice Management

  1. Automate initial health assessment and appointment scheduling integrated with your calendar
  2. Automate health insurance authorization requests with Prospero’s integrated system
  3. Improve billing communication and accuracy with Prospero’s automated billing features

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Try Our Turn-Key INNOVATIVE Solution

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Put your TMS Treatment practice on autopilot so you can focus on what you do best

Our New Software Made for TMS Clinics, Powered with AI Chat, Initial Patient Assessment (PHQ-10), Scheduling, and Communication, All Automated, You Will Save Time and Money While Focusing on Providing the Best Possible Care to Your Patients.

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