Meet the team

Tim Zakaria

As a former TMS clinic office manager and a certified NeuroStar TMS treater, Tim brings a unique blend of expertise in both healthcare administration and TMS therapy. With a background in international business, including a master’s studies in international business and marketing, and a proven track record in business consulting and management, he has assumed the role of Managing Director at NeuroNet Creative. His experience and passion drive our commitment to delivering innovative solutions and cutting-edge strategies in the field of TMS therapy and digital marketing

Lia Roehrer

A successful IT project manager and web developer, plays a pivotal role in shaping the direction and success of NeuroNet Creative. With a wealth of experience in the IT industry, Lia’s expertise ensures the seamless execution of our digital projects. Her ability to bridge the gap between technology and creativity is instrumental in developing cutting-edge solutions for our clients. Her commitment to quality and innovation drives NeuroNet Creative to deliver top-tier web development services that are both functional and aesthetically pleasing, setting new standards for excellence in the digital world.

Sam Aboelela

A seasoned professional with an exceptional grasp of sales, marketing, and finance. With a distinguished background in finance, including a degree and extensive experience in banking and business development, Sam offers a wealth of expertise to NeuroNet Creative. Sam’s profound insights are a catalyst for driving businesses towards unprecedented growth and prosperity. With a sharp focus on financial optimization and a talent for uncovering untapped market potential, Sam is a cornerstone of our commitment to delivering business solutions that are not only effective but also fiscally astute, ensuring our clients’ sustained success and advancement.

Umair Liaqat

Our indispensable programming and development expert, whose proficiency in the coding and programming realm knows no bounds. As the mastermind behind the scenes, Umair ensures that every facet of our operations functions seamlessly and innovatively. His versatile skills and dedication to maintaining optimal performance and functionality are fundamental to our commitment to delivering cutting-edge solutions for our clients.

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